To improve health outcomes, we must understand the determinants of health. Health determinants are commonly considered to be:

  • Genetics
  • Health behaviors
  • Social and physical environments
  • Medical care
  • Stress

There are many studies that calculate the contributions each of these determinants make in health outcomes. With only 10%-20% of health outcomes attributed to medical care, “managing health” must address the other 80%-90% to be effective. The “managing health” framework defines the major areas as health, behavior, social, socioeconomic, environmental and care management.

Health Conditions – Insight – impact other health conditions as well as influence other determinants.

Behavior – Insight – is driven by individual beliefs definition of well-being as well as many other determinants.

Social – Insight – our social environment impact our behavior and health.

Socioeconomic – Insight – impacts what we eat, where we live, whether we forego healthcare or can leave work to see a physician.

Environmental – Insight – access to our basic needs (food, water, safety, support, shelter, heat).

Care Management – Insight – the medical care as well as other non-medical intervention that address determinants of health